Our Mission

Turris Fortissima Mission

We exist to be the preferred & leading provider of quality, affordable homes across all market strata till everyone owns a home.

Our Core Values

Sector Focus

  • These properties have the highest quality of interior and exterior finishing.
  • They are typically located in the prime areas of major states in the country.
  • Our target niche is the affluent residents. The properties are usually centrally managed by designated facility managers for a fee (service charge).
  • In some cases, these properties are managed at owner’s discretion.

  • Our focus is on properties located in the middle-income areas, with limited add-on services like security, power (in some cases) and water supply only.
  • We aim to fuse functionality with superior aesthetic design in the most cost efficient way possible, giving our client’s access to top notch properties without breaking the bank.
  • The target market for comfort residential properties includes middle income working class professionals and self-employed small and medium sized business owners.

  • This covers the mass housing market and are usually located in high-density areas.
  • Most properties are owner managed and there are usually no add-on services for occupants.

Meet The Team

Adedayo Ogunrombi
Adedayo OgunrombiPrincipal Partner
Tel: +234 803 581 5389
Email: aogunrombi@turrisproperties.com
Adetunji Aiku
Adetunji AikuPrincipal Partner
Tel: +234 808 840 0566
Email: taiku@turrisproperties.com

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At Turris Fortissima, our Mission is to develop elegant and distinct real estate. This we achieve by taking ownership of a project from conception to completion


Trusted Partners

We constantly leverage on our partners based on the extent of work needed for our respective projects and specialization. Our current partnership spans across companies with various experience across the Real Estate Sector