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The GOK Hallmark, Lekki Phase 1 FAQs

Are there any other fees?2021-08-23T17:35:55+01:00

Yes, please check the brochure for details.

How much do I get as an agent?2021-08-23T17:31:34+01:00

You get offered a 3% commission of the selling price.

What are the features of the house?2021-08-23T17:11:21+01:00

The flats contain 2 bed-room and 3 bed-room all en-suite, with visitor’s convenience, BQ and bath, kitchen and store.

What are the title documents that you provide?2021-08-23T17:09:40+01:00

Contract of Sale and Deed of Assignment.

What amenities are available?2021-08-23T17:13:18+01:00

Swimming pool, Gym, Playground area, 24-hour power and internet connectivity.

Would there be service charges?2021-08-17T04:48:20+01:00

Yet to be determined

How many bedrooms are there?2021-08-17T04:48:28+01:00

The flats contain a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom.

How many square meters does the flat cover?2021-08-23T17:12:34+01:00

The 2 bed-room flat covers 150 m2 while the 3 bed-room covers 181m2

Are there any legal fees?2021-08-17T04:49:12+01:00


Do I get all the documents to the house after down payment?2021-08-23T17:19:22+01:00

No, upon partial payment you only get a Contract of sale.

What documents do I get after payment is completed?2021-08-23T17:20:28+01:00

When payment is completed, you get a Deed of assignment which covers your legal fees.

What land documents does the land have?2021-08-23T17:07:43+01:00

Building approval and C of O

How do I make payments?2021-08-23T17:33:57+01:00

You can contact us for the payment details. Please note: We DO NOT accept payment in cash.

Is there a payment plan?2022-09-26T13:44:19+01:00

Yes. The GOK Hallmark offers flexible payments options spread over 24 months.

Do I have to pay an agent to purchase the house?2021-08-23T17:32:47+01:00

If you are buying directly from us, you don’t have to pay any agency fees. However, if you’re buying from an agent you will have to pay agency fees.

How long does it take before I move in?2021-08-23T17:18:04+01:00

As soon as construction is done, which will last for a duration of about 24 months.

How long can I spread my payments for?2021-08-17T04:50:48+01:00

Payments can be spread over a period of 24 months.

Can I order a site inspection?2021-08-17T04:50:56+01:00

Yes we are available to take you on a site inspection.

How much do I need for a down payment?2021-08-23T17:15:44+01:00

40% initial deposit, 10% quarterly payments and final 10% payable upon completion after which the buyer can take possession of the property.

What the first step of the home buying process?2022-02-16T14:11:01+01:00

You can contact us to book a site inspection or make further enquiries on 09051121111.

Where is The GOK Hallmark located?2022-09-26T13:41:34+01:00

It is located along Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1, very close to the Church of Divine Mercy, Catholic Church.

Why The GOK Hallmark?2022-09-26T13:37:26+01:00

It’ s a luxurious development of 48 flats on Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1. The GOK Hallmark is also equipped with modern amenities and is surrounded by a thriving neighbourhood. The strategic location and proximity to main access roads makes this a highly sort after property.

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₦120 MILLION for 2 bedrooms
₦140 MILLION for 3 bedrooms

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